Hybrid type stepping motors


These motors rotate at fixed angles by digitally controlled electronic pulses and are used in the paper-feeding devices of printers, copy machines, facsimiles and similar equipment. Hybrid-type stepping motor combine a rotor with a permanent magnet and a magnetic body using ball bearings.


Using of High-Precision Bearings

Bearings are crucial to motor precision. MinebeaMitsumi's hybrid type stepping motors use high-precision ball bearings manufactured in-house greatly contributing to the precision and reliability of these products.

Internal Sourcing of All Parts


Most of parts used in these motors - from ball bearings, shaft and hub, base and magnet - other than winding and lead wires are produced in-house, giving MinebeaMitsumi unmatched advantage in terms of quality, supply capabilities, manufacturing costs and speed of delivery.

A manufacturing plant in Thailand for global markets employs MinebeaMitsumi's vertically integrated manufacturing system, whereby all processes from production of components to final assembly are conducted in-house. Manufacturing plants in Japan and U.S. serve local markets.

Product Data

Item Contents
Main User Industrial machine manufacturers , PC peripheral equipment manufacturers , Amusement related equipment manufacturers , Office automation equipment manufacturers
Commenced Operation in 1968


Copy machines
Facsimile machines
Slot Machines
Multifunction Printers
Factory Automation Equipment
Medical Equipment
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
Security Cameras

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