PM stepping motors


These motors rotate at fixed angles by digitally controlled electronic pulses and are used in the paper-feeding devices of printers, copy machines, facsimiles and similar equipment. PM stepping motor uses a permanent magnet (PM) as a rotor.


Internal Sourcing of All Parts

Most of parts used in these motors - from shaft and hub, stator and magnet - other than winding and lead wires are produced in-house, giving MinebeaMitsumi unmatched advantage in terms of quality, supply capabilities, manufacturing cost and speed of delivery.

Integral molding of a stator reduces assembly processes, thereby making automatic assembly possible. This has contributed to high quality, high performance and improved productivity.
A plant in Thailand uses MinebeaMitsumi's fully integrated manufacturing system, whereby all processes from machining components to final assembly are conducted in-house.

Product Data

Item Contents
Main User Personal computer and peripherals manufacturers , Office automation equipment manufacturers , Automobile manufacturers , Housing related equipment manufacturers
Commenced Operation in 1986


Personal Computers (Desk top type/Note book type)
Copy machines
Automotive components
Facsimile machines

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