Brushless inner rotor motors

Brushless inner rotor motors

This motor has an inner rotor structure with the coil fixed to the outside and stator with magnet rotating in the center. As it is easy to contol the rotation speed, BLIM is ideal for applications requiring fast response such as paper feeders for printer, ATMs and home appliances. Employing a strong magnet makes it possible to achieve high efficiency operation within a small package. Demand for energy saving components is increasing across all industries. Our engineering team can help design custom options to meet our customer's performance requirements.


Promptness and support by in-house production of major components

We manufacture parts (bearing, magnet, shaft) and assemble motors in-house which enables high competitiveness in quality, delivery and cost.

Flexible development and production system according to needs

Our broad lineup and high volume production capabilties enable us to adapt to our customer's needs.

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Main User Industrial machine manufacturers , Household appliances manufacturers , Office automation equipment manufacturers


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