Small diameter / High speed PM stepping motors

Small diameter / High speed PM stepping motors

We have stepping motors which are very small in diameter, used in lens barrels of digital cameras and optical aberration of Blu-ray disc drives. We also line up high speed motors which use silicon steel metal. These are used in paper-feeding devices of printers, copy machines and other office automation equipment.


High value added products by our proprietary technology

Small Diameter PM Stepping Motors

Main use: Digital camera (DSC), Blu-ray disc drive, VCR etc.
Size: Outer diameter 10mm Max.

These stepping motors are small and thin, has high torque, with more steps and improvement in positioning accuracy. Our proprietary technology of magnetization is one factor for our competitiveness in stable quality, we also have multifarious experiences in this business to meet customer's requirement at the point. Also, in-house production of MinebeaMitsumi group allows us to improve our production capacity.

High Speed PM Stepping Motors

Main use: printers, Small size printers, scanner, office automation equipment etc.
Size: Outer diameter 25mm Min.

These series of high speed, high torque, high performance stepping motors use silicon steel plate for the stator, Nd-Fe-B bond magnet for the rotor and by our technology, the magnetic circuit is made to be most suitable. Also, these motors have superiority in thinner sizes, keeping high torque at high frequency range, and to reduce generation of heat and electricity.

Product Data

Item Contents
Main User PC manufacturers , Office automation equipment manufacturers , Housing related equipment manufacturers , Digital Still Camera manufacturers
Commenced Operation in 1988


Personal Computers (Desk top type/Note book type)
Copy machines
Digital Camera(DSC)
Blu-ray disc drives
Other office automation equipment

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