Small brushless motors

Small brushless motors

These motors are used in driving and electrical components for digital AV equipment and PC peripheral devices.
High-precision low vibration technology and bearing technology help to create faster equipment.


Electrical/mechanical characteristics

The major BWL Series is now widely used even in Blue-ray Disc equipment due to the development of new magnetic circuitry featuring high torque, low current, and low noise. Allows for superior start-up performance to H/H motors when used at 6,000 r/m. Represents ultra-thin motor at 3.4 mm in height (i.e. from top surface of base plate to disc mounting surface), so indispensible for notebook PC drives with strict depth limitations. Compatible with three different disc clamping methods - self-clamping, magnetic clamping, and mechanical clamping. Can be supplied according to customer's desired specifications. This product is also widely used in car audio equipment and offers a high level of reliability.

Structural characteristics

Based on a unique bearing structure superior to anything produced by any other manufacturer in the thin motor field. Offers excellent rigidity, lightness, and cost effectiveness.

All major components manufactured in-house

Rotor frames, motor plates, magnets, and all other major components are manufactured in-house at one of our company's own factories. Integrated production from source to assembly process with equipment also developed in-house allows for greater competitiveness in terms of quality, on-time delivery, and manufacturing costs.


Active efforts have been made to ensure thorough environmental compliance - including RoHS and non-use of halogens and phthalic acid - TS16949 accreditation has been received, and a quality system has been established to meet the demands of the automotive industry. Independently-developed high-precision manufacturing equipment has been introduced to allow for high-quality, flexible motor production.

Product Data

Item Contents
Main User Personal Computer and Peripherals, Audio-Video equipment, Car electronics, Game device, Electrical equipment manufacturers
Commenced Operation in 1982


Personal Computers (Desk top type/Note book type)
Car Audio
DVD/Blu-ray Disc Player/Game Machines

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