Nov.26, 2008

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Compact, High-resolution, High-rigidity Hybrid-type Stepping Motor
Launching of "25 Square 1.8°" (Motor Frame Size 25mm-Square, Step Angle 1.8°)

Minebea Co., Ltd. and Minebea Motor Manufacturing Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "Minebea") have developed and launched the compact, high-resolution (step angle*2 1.8°), and high-rigidity "25 Square 1.8° HB Stepping Motor", the first among 25mm-square hybrid-type stepping motors*1 (hereinafter referred to as "HB stepping motors"),to combine these features.

The 25 Square 1.8° HB Stepping Motor is a high value-added, high-performance motor designed to meet the needs of areas such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, which require more space-efficient, higher-resolution motors; of medical equipment and analyzers, where there are a growing need away from stationary-types to portable-types; and of compact security cameras and electron microscopes, which require high precision and quick response (high speed follow-up). We anticipate sales of 50,000 units in its first year on the market.

Features of the 25 Square 1.8° HB Stepping Motor

This product features highly accurate control thanks to its 1.8° step angle, combined with small size, light weight, and high rigidity.

(1) Small & light Compact size, with frame size of 25mm-square (our previous smallest equivalent model was 35mm-square). The flange (cover) made of aluminum die-cast combines small size, light weight, and high rigidity.
(2) High resolution The 1.8° step angle allows highly sensitive and accurate movement.
(3) High follow-up Features high speed follow-up with over 10,000pps for high-precision positioning.
(4) High rigidity Features sturdy construction to accommodate its 5mm-diameter shaft, with a compact body and outer size of 25mm-square (our previous model had a 3mm-diameter shaft).

Main Applications

  • Areas requiring high-precision control, such as semiconductor manufacturing devices (positioning).
  • Areas requiring a combination of light weight, high precision, and high rigidity, such as portable-type medical devices (analyzers), compact security cameras, and electron microscopes.

Minebea is the world's top manufacturer of HB stepping motors, with 40% of the world's share. HB stepping motors offer long lifespan and high precision thanks to permanent magnet and geared steel core in the rotor section. They are used in control and positioning of products including digital office automation equipment, precision equipment, and manufacturing equipment. Minebea manufactures the ball bearings and other main components for its HB stepping motors within the group companies, ensuring its products' high quality, availability, and reliability.
Minebea looks forward to actively continuing to develop new products with ever-greater added value and precision.

Explanation of Terms

*1 Stepping Motor

A motor that converts electric signals into mechanical movement. The motor's rotation (angle, speed) is regulated by electric signals (number of pulses) and their frequency. Because the motor rotates strictly according to the number of electric signals it receives, it can rotate, not simply at constant speeds, but also intermittently, at variable speeds, backward rotation as well as forward, and so on. For these reasons, this type of motor is used in control and positioning of office automation equipment such as printers and faxes, personal computer peripherals, digital devices, and other precision devices.

Stepping motors are broken down into PM (permanent magnet), VR (variable resistor), and HB (hybrid) types.

*HB (hybrid type) stepping motors
Long lifespan, high-precision motors utilizing permanent magnets and a geared steel core in the rotor section.

*2 Step Angle

A stepping motor rotates a fixed amount with each wave of the electric signal. This rotation angle is called the step angle, and is expressed in degrees (°). The smaller this angle is, the higher the resolution in control and positioning. A small step angle is one of the great advantages of the stepping motor.

HB-type Stepping Motor Construction

image:HB-type Stepping Motor Construction

25 Square 1.8° HB Stepping Motor, External Appearance

image:25 Square 1.8° HB Stepping Motor, External Appearance

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