Oct.30, 2012

Minebea Co., Ltd.

Launching of 42 mm Square Hybrid Type Stepping Motors

~ New Design! Magnet with No Rare-Earth Element Content Realizes High Torque and High-Speed Followability Characteristics ~

Minebea Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "Minebea") will launch its "Newly designed, high-torque, hybrid stepping motor" on October 30. This motor (size 42 mm square, stepping angle 1.8°: hereafter, high-torque 42 mm square HB motor) provides high torque via powerful magnets (hereafter called "non-rare earth magnets") having high magnetic force yet that do not use rare-earth metals such as neodymium or dysprosium.

Typical motors realize high torque by utilizing a neodymium sintered magnet which has the most powerful magnetism among permanent magnet types. However, this newly designed high-torque 42 mm square HB motor delivers motor torque equal or greater than neodymium sintered magnets by using powerful non-rare earth magnets as a substitute not requiring rare-earth metals such as neodymium.

In recent years, due to a drastic rise in price as well as anxiety over stable supply of neodymium and dysprosium, which are the raw material for neodymium sintered magnets, we, Minebea, have developed high-performance, high-torque motors using substitute magnets that use no rare earth materials. By switching over to non-rare earth magnets from here onwards we will secure a stable raw material supply and provide a stable supply of our products while lowering costs at the same time.

Features of the high-torque 42 mm square HB motor

1. Realized high torque by using non-rare earth magnets!

2. Newly designed internal structure & rotor, and stator gear profile!

  • To develop this hybrid stepping motor, we made use of its massive store of magnetic field analysis data and various types of simulation software. A newly designed "rotor" and "stator gear profile" are what enabled us to provide ideal magnetic efficiency even while using non-rare earth magnets!
  • Optimizing the internal structure design realized high-speed followability at a torque higher than that of neodymium sintered magnets.

3. Resource-saving design! Uses one less magnet as well as 25% less copper wire

  • The high-torque 42 mm square HB motor utilizes a newly designed internal structure that delivers with only one non-rare earth magnet, the same or higher torque than two ordinary neodymium sintered magnets.
  • Moreover, the copper wiring (magnet wire) quantity has been cut to 25% less than that of older Minebea products in a resource-saving design that drastically cuts down on material usage.
Image : High-torque 42 mm square HB stepping motor

High-torque 42 mm square HB stepping motor

Launching : October 30, 2012
Price : Please contact us or our dealer.


Torque characteristics

Graph comparing torque characteristics of new 42×48 mm square model (17PM-F4xx) with conventional 42×48 mm square model (17PM-J4xx)

Image : Graph comparing torque characteristics of new 42×48 mm square model (17PM-F4xx) with conventional 2×48 mm square model (17PM-J4xx)
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