June 26, 2012

Minebea Co., Ltd.
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Hybrid-Type Stepping Motors : Expansion in Line-Up of Small-Diameter and Composite-Type Models

~20 mm square / 25 mm square encoder integrated-type, linear actuator-type, and hollow shaft-type~

Minebea Co., Ltd. and Minebea Motor Manufacturing Corporation ("Minebea Group") are pleased to announce the addition of four new models with a frame size of 20 mm and 25 mm square to the line-up of small-diameter hybrid-type stepping motors, in response to recent increase in demand for use in compact and precision devices.

(1) Launching in July of 2012 : 20 mm square × 30 mm, 20 mm square × 40 mm (see below for specifications)
(2) Scheduled for launch beginning in August of 2012 : 25 mm square encoder integrated-type, 25mm square linear actuator-type, 25mm square hollow shaft-type

The Minebea Group is moving forward with the commercialization of "composite-type" products that come with mechanical parts, encoders with built-in software, etc.—which are often incorporated after purchase by the customers—pre-integrated inside the motor body. The first composite-type products to arrive on the market are the 25 mm size "encoder integrated-type", "linear actuator-type", and the much-requested "hollow shaft-type" motors, to be successively released starting in August of this year. These releases will be preceded by a launch in July of a 20 mm size standard model—the smallest size on offer from Minebea. Minebea is planning to enhance its offering in the 20 mm line as well with the introduction of composite-type models.

Images : Product Appearance

Product Appearance : from left to right
25 mm square encoder integrated-type, 25 mm square linear actuator-type, 25 mm square hollow shaft type, 20 mm square (08PM-K139BSTDCN)

Outline of 20 mm square

Commercial Production Start : July 2012
Sample Price : 6,000 yen per unit
Applications : Motorized cylinders, motorized grippers, small monitoring cameras, ophthalmometers, electronic microscopes, medical/chemical analyzers, precision tables for semiconductor inspection devices

Specifications of 20 mm square

Model Size Step Angle Rated Current Resistance Holding Torque Inductance Detent Torque Mass
(mm) (deg) (A) (ohms) (mNm) (mH) (mNm) (g)
08PM-K049BSTDCN 20×30 1.8 0.5 8.0 20 3.8 2 50
08PM-K139BSTDCN 20×40 1.8 0.6 6.5 36 3.2 2.5 70
  • * Drive Sequence : BI-POLAR   * Lead wire 300mm attached

Product Drawings of 20 mm square

Images : Product Drawings


1. About Stepping Motors

A motor that converts electric signals into mechanical movement. The motor's rotation (angle, speed) is regulated by electric signals (number of pulses) and their frequency. Because the motor rotates strictly according to the number of electric signals it receives, it can rotate, not simply at constant speeds, but also intermittently, at variable speeds, backward rotation as well as forward, and so on. For these reasons, this type of motor is used in control and positioning of office automation equipment such as printers and faxes, personal computer peripherals, digital devices, and other precision devices. Stepping motors are broken down into PM (permanent magnet), VR (variable resistor), and HB (hybrid) types.

2. About Us

Minebea is the world's top manufacturer of HB stepping motors, with 40% of the world's share. HB stepping motors offer long lifespan and high precision thanks to permanent magnet and geared steel core in the rotor section. They are used in control and positioning of products including digital office automation equipment, precision equipment, and manufacturing equipment. Minebea manufactures the ball bearings and other main components for its HB stepping motors within the group companies, ensuring its products' high quality, availability, and reliability. Minebea looks forward to actively continuing to develop new products with ever-greater added value and precision.

HB-type Stepping Motor Construction

Images : HB-type Stepping Motor Construction
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