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Oct.30, 2009 Press Release Minebea Successful in Substantially Reducing Cost of "6-Axis Force Sensors": Facilitates Low-Cost Application in "Lifestyle Support Robots"
July 7, 2009 Press Release Minebea to Launch High Corrosion Resistant Miniature Bearings "Giga Protection® Series"
June 4, 2009 Press Release Launching of "GT Series" of Hybrid-type Stepping Motors with Gearboxes
May 8, 2009 Press Release Commercialization of High-Resolution, Ultra-small PM-Type Stepping Motors
Apr.21, 2009 Products Products information is updated
Apr.16, 2009 Press Release Commercialization of Weather-Resistant, Long-Life, High-Performance AC Fan Motors
Jan.23, 2009 Press Release Launching of World's Smallest Ball Bearings with Ultra-small Outer Diameter of 1.5 mm
Jan.7, 2009 Company Notice regarding the Transfer of the Stepping Motor Business of FDK Corporation to Minebea Co., Ltd.
Dec.16, 2008 Press Release Launching of New Speedy Delivery Service for Hybrid-type Stepping Motors in Japan
Nov.26, 2008 Press Release Compact, High-resolution, High-rigidity Hybrid-type Stepping Motor Launching of "25 Square 1.8°" (Motor Frame Size 25mm-Square, Step Angle 1.8°)
Oct.28, 2008 Press Release Launching of Compact, High-Efficiency, High-Power DC Brushless High-Pressure Blowers
June 24, 2008 Press Release Minebea's Thai subsidiary obtains Nadcap certification
Dec.6, 2007 Press Release Minebea's Thai subsidiary becomes first company in Thailand to obtain Nadcap certification for aircraft
May 8, 2007 Press Release Minebea develops LED backlight for 15-inch PC monitors
May 8, 2007 Press Release Development of DC brush motor [S Series] with double the torque relative to motor cubic content
Apr.27, 2007 Press Release Development of the World's Smallest Diameter Stepping Motor
Oct.31, 2006 Press Release Minebea Develops Ultra-Thin LED Backlight for Mobile Products
Mar.14, 2006 Press Release Minebea Confirms RoHS Compliance will be Completed by End of March 2006 and Obtains National Laboratory Certification (ISO/IEC 17025)
Mar.2, 2006 Press Release Dissolution of PC Keyboard Joint Venture Business in China
Jan.30, 2006 Press Release Development of High-Performance Color Wheel for DLP™ Projectors

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