Apr.24, 2012

Minebea Co., Ltd.

Minebea Launches CSD-892-73, the Industry's Smallest Digital Conversion Module
- Offering High Precision, High Speed, High Resolution, Low Power Consumption, and Low Price -

On April 27, 2012, Minebea Co., Ltd. will launch CSD-892-73, the industry's smallest digital conversion module (68,000 yen, not including tax) with everything ideal: high precision, high speed, high resolution, low power consumption, and a low price.

CSD-892-73 is a model optimized with minimum functions that converts electric signals into digital form, and displays and outputs highly precise digitized signals at high speed and high resolution. Electric signals to digitize are output from strain gage based transducers embedded in such devices as FA instruments, automatic measuring apparatuses, and filling machines that require fast and highly precise data processing at high resolution. A digital conversion module is typically installed on a control panel. We tackled our development process with the concepts "compact," "low power consumption," and "a simple design for easy installation" in mind, and succeeded in creating a module that is one-fourth the size of our existing models, and in cutting power consumption by about 85 percent.

This palmtop size module (72mm×96mm×67.4mm) saves space on a control panel. And, since it curbs self-heating, you can install more than one on the same panel with no clearance in between. The back of the module is designed for a universal 35mm width DIN rail installation, which significantly saves you time and effort for installation and provides ease of use.

Another distinctive feature of this module is that, since it has a CC-Link interface*1 that is a global open network standard, you can build a system interlinked with different machines when you implement the module.

Image : CSD-892-73
Launch date April 27, 2012
Product name Digital Conversion Module (Model: CSD-892-73)
Price 68,000 yen (not including tax)
Size 72mm×96mm×67.4mm (W×H×D)
Weight Approximately 260g

Principal Use

  • Installation on devices such as FA instruments, automatic measuring apparatuses, and filling machines.

Primary Feature

  • Equipped with CC-Link for easy system configuration.
  • Designed for 35mm width DIN rail installation.
  • Low power consumption of up to approximately 2.4W.
  • High speed: A/D sampling and comparator output are updated 500 times per second.
    High resolution: Input sensitivity is 0.15μV/d.
  • Special software for PC (not included in the product package) enables you to save, print, read, and write set data with ease.
  • CE- and ROHS-enabled.


1. CC-Link

CC-Link stands for "Control & Communication Link," an international standard open network that Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has advocated since 1996. Today, CC-Link is widely used in the global FA market, mostly in North America and Asia. The open network keeps its specifications public to be shared by myriad users and manufacturers, enabling you to connect machines produced by different manufacturers.

Product Appearance

Image : Front


Image : Back designed for DIN rail installation

Back designed for DIN rail installation

Mounting Example

  • The module is designed for 35mm width DIN rail installation, providing ease of installation on a control panel.
  • CSD-892-73 allows for installing multiple modules side by side with no clearance in between.
Image : Mounting example

Example of Use

CSD-892-73 is best suited for applications such as FA instruments, automatic measuring apparatuses and filling machines.

Please click here for specifications of CSD-892-73 :

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