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Apr.17, 2012 Products Renewal of Online Product Catalogue - -
Apr.9, 2012 Press Release Minebea Goes to Auto China 2012
Feb.17, 2012 Press Release Minebea's High-Performance Ceramic Miniature Ball Bearing Adopted for the First Time in Bandai's HYPER YO-YO HYPERCLUSTER Legend Cluster
Oct.17, 2011 Products COOL LEAF Keyboard appears on NHK WORLD television on Oct 20, 2011 !
Sept.21, 2011 Products COOL LEAF keyboard User's Guide now available in Chinese and Korean language
Sept.21, 2011 Products COOL LEAF keyboard now available in U.S. and Canada
June 29, 2011 Products COOL LEAF keyboard User's Guide now available online
June 9, 2011 Products COOL LEAF, international sales representatives list updated
May 16, 2011 Company Minebea to Exhibit at the 2011 Paris Air Show
Apr.28, 2011 Products COOL LEAF articles on internet media
Apr.26, 2011 Press Release Minebea to Launch Dr. Kazuo Kawasaki-Designed "COOL LEAF" Keyboard at Retail Outlets in Japan
Mar.3, 2011 Products COOL LEAF exhibition at a computer store in Akihabara,Tokyo
Dec.14, 2010 Products LED Drivers are updated
Dec.7, 2010 Products Small Diameter / High Speed PM stepping motors are updated
Nov.26, 2010 Products COOL LEAF was exhibited at the waiting room of "APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting"
Apr.21, 2010 Press Release Minebea to Launch Industry's First World Wide Input Voltage Model of the Compact & light High-Efficiency "DC Brushless High-Pressure Blower" Series
Mar.2, 2010 Press Release "COOL LEAF" - Overall flat keyboards, remote controllers and calculators designed by Kazuo KAWASAKI, Ph. D.
Feb.25, 2010 Press Release Minebea's 6-Axis Force Sensors Adopted into Activelink Co., Ltd.'s Power Amplification Robot "Power Loader"
Dec.16, 2009 Press Release Minebea's Lop Buri Plant in Thailand Obtains The Boeing Company's Qualification for Special Processes
Oct.30, 2009 Press Release Launching of Hybrid-type Stepping Motor with Encoder

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