Oct.30, 2014

Minebea Co., Ltd.

"Wavy Nozzle" – a Newly-Introduced "Programmable Coolant System" for Small Machine Tools !
Removes Machining Dust and Chips Efficiently through Swing Jetting of Coolants !

Machining Assembly Business Unit of the Machined Component Manufacturing Headquarters at Minebea Co., Ltd. ("Minebea") has developed and newly launched an auxiliary device for small machine tools named "Wavy Nozzle" for removing machine dust and chips through swing jetting of coolants (note*1). By spraying coolants while oscillating to the point of processing, machining dust and chips will be removed efficiently while preventing chips from entangling around a tool or workpiece, thereby contributing to the realization of quality improvement and efficiency enhancement for precision component machining.
Minebea will start selling this new product to a wide array of manufacturers of machine tools in November 2014.

A First Product in Japan with Three Nozzle Operating Patterns !

The "Wavy Nozzle" has three nozzle operating patterns optimized for removing machining dust and chips available, which is the first such device in Japan. A user can choose any suitable operating pattern among three modes – FIX mode (operated at an arbitrary fixed angle), SWEEP mode (operated by a reciprocating motion of the spray nozzle) and KICK mode (operated by a reciprocating motion of the spray nozzle with variable speed), which enables the product to respond precisely to the customer needs.

In addition, through the introduction of teaching play-back system this device is capable of storing and calling up operating angle and speed settings while operating the nozzle for all practical purposes by way of using a dedicated controller (optional and sold separately) for each operating mode.
Minebea has successfully developed a device capable of efficiently removing machine dust and chips without employing a large-scale "high-pressure coolant system" that had been conventionally used in the market, through the new implementation of swing jetting method of coolants. As such, this product can be installed in small-sized machine tools (small CNC lathes and machining centers, etc.), with which a large-sized high-pressure coolant system could not be loaded up to date.

image : "Wavy Nozzle" made by Minebea, Product apperance in a picture (in KICK mode operation)

"Wavy Nozzle" made by Minebea, Product apperance in a picture (in KICK mode operation)

* 17 cases of pending applications for registration of patents and utility model rights in Japan and overseas (as of October 2014)


*1 Coolant(s)

Cutting fluids, or grinding fluids which produce a cooling or lubrication effect on the processing point in the case of machine processing

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