Apr.3, 2015

Minebea Co., Ltd.

Minebea to Exhibit at Auto Shanghai 2015

Minebea Co., Ltd. will participate in the 16th International Automobile & Manufacturing Technology Exhibition (Auto Shanghai 2015) to be held in Shanghai from April 20 through 29 (Press day: April 20 to 21, Trade/public day: April 22 to 29).

In the automotive component business, Minebea has been working toward the sales expansion of various kinds of products, including bearings, small motors and sensors. In the Chinese automotive market, which is showing continuous robust growth, we have been enjoying highly successful sales that far exceed the market growth rate.

Our recent efforts in the field of next-generation eco-cars, such as electric vehicles (EV), hybrid vehicles (HEV) and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEV), have been accepted by an increasing number of Chinese automakers.

At the motor show, we will be introducing products for new technological trends, such as 48V systems whose market is expected to expand rapidly in the near future, as well as large-sized, thin and high-value added VR resolvers*1 with superior environmental resistance for PHEV motors, which are the most mass-produced in China. Our VR resolvers have been adopted by a Chinese automaker and the delivery thereof has already been commenced. We will call attention to Minebea's technological strengths which contribute to environmental protection and safe driving of automobiles.

Major items on display

  • VR resolvers for EV motors
  • VR resolvers for EPS/ISG motors
  • Large diameter VR resolvers for HEV motors
  • PM stepping motors (clusters, headlights)
  • Ball bearing units for turbochargers
  • Eccentric ball bearings and other small-sized ball bearings for various automotive components
  • Lighting devices for car LCD monitors
  • Strain gauges for the sensors that detect passengers
  • VR resolvers for PHEV motors (special display)
  • Products for 48V systems (special display), etc.
image : VR resolvers for EV/HEV/PHEV motors (rotation angle sensors)

VR resolvers for EV/HEV/PHEV motors (rotation angle sensors)

image : PM stepping motors for headlight optical axis adjustments

PM stepping motors for headlight optical axis adjustments

image : Eccentric ball bearings

Eccentric ball bearings

Location of Minebea booth

National (Shanghai) Center for Exhibition and Convention (Booth No. 5B E501)

Images of Minebea booth

image : Images of Minebea booth


*1 VR resolver (rotation angle sensor)

A VR resolver is a rotation angle sensor designed to detect the position of a motor's magnetic pole and control motor speed. This high-precision sensor features a simple design, high resolution and superior environmental resistance. Consisting of a resolver stator with windings and a resolver rotor made up of only a laminated steel plate, the VR resolver detects angles based on changes in the gap between the rotor and stator. Minebea's VR resolvers are used in electronic power steering motors, ISG motors, EV/HEV/PHEV motors, brushless motors for brake systems as well as other automobile applications.

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