July 30, 2015


Minebea Co., Ltd.

Minebea's Plan Unofficially Selected by MOEJ as Financing Programme for JCM Model Project

Project to Introduce High-efficiency LED Street Lighting in Cambodia Utilizing Wireless Technologies

The plan proposed by Minebea Co., Ltd. ("Minebea") was unofficially selected, on June 30, 2015, as one of the financing programme for the model projects under the "Joint Crediting Mechanism ("JCM") entrusted by the Ministry of the Environment of Japan ("MOEJ"), in which Minebea intends to introduce high-efficiency LED street lighting in Cambodia through the application of wireless technologies.

Minebea has been conducting the research and development of lighting equipment that is capable of adjusting the light distribution of lighting by applying the technologies cultivated in the manufacture of ultra-thin lenses used for LED backlights. Through the combination of wireless technologies of Paradox Engineering SA of Switzerland, in which Minebea made an equity participation in 2014, and the street lighting developed by Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd. ("Iwasaki Electric"), with which Minebea established a joint venture company, MIK Smart Lighting Network Corporation, Minebea has engaged in the design and development of high-efficiency LED street lighting. Such street lighting is equipped with the capabilities to adjust light control with perfect freedom through wireless networking, and monitor the operating time and power consumption, thereby significantly reducing the amount of energy consumption and the emission of GHG (Green House Gas, green house effect gases).

In the Kingdom of Cambodia, demand for construction and improvement of infrastructures has been showing a marked increase due to the rapid economic growth, while the price of electricity is among the highest in ASEAN countries due to the dependence on the electricity imports. Based on the results of R&D activities mentioned earlier and the coordination / cooperation with Iwasaki Electric, Minebea has conducted the feasibility study on the model project in Cambodia for one year through the end of March 2015. As a result, Minebea came up with the plan in which the CO2 emissions reduction of 3,590 (tCO2/year) would be projected. We are committed to contributing to the substantial reduction of CO2 emissions, energy consumption, GHG emissions and power consumption in Cambodia through the implementation of this project, while receiving financing from MOEJ over the next three years.

Proposed sites to implement the introduction of smart LED street lighting

[1] Phnom Penh City: 3 locations
[2] Siem Reap City (including Roads linking Siem Reap City downtown): 2 locations

What is the Financing Programme for JCM (the Joint Crediting Mechanism) Model Projects entrusted by MOEJ?

This is the project that is intended to reduce emissions of CO2 in the developing countries by way of mobilizing and facilitating diffusions of leading low carbon technologies, etc. and measure, report and verify (MRV) the resulting contributions of such project. The amount of emissions reduction, calculated in this manner, is projected to be credited to Japan's contributions to emissions reductions / removals under the JCM. The MOEJ will provide financing to the project participants up to one half of the initial cost for installing the facilities, etc.
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