Jan.21, 2015

Minebea Co., Ltd.

Launch of the Industry's Highest Class "2000W Compact, High-Power, High-Pressure Blowers (70DCF series)"

- Reduce electricity costs by up to about 60%! -

Minebea Co., Ltd. (Minebea) has launched 2000W Compact, High-power Brushless High-pressure Blowers (70DCF series) that achieve the industry's highest class power*1 for DC brushless high-pressure blowers intended for industrial machinery.
(*1 : A comparison in terms of static pressure and air volume of a blower with a brushless motor as its driving source (source: Minebea))

The newly launched 70DCF series (2000W) of products are the most advanced models in the series developed to meet customer requests. They achieved an efficiency improvement of about 30% compared with our earlier series, a maximum static pressure of 28 kPa and a maximum air volume of 5 m3/min. They will help to significantly reduce electricity costs as effective energy-saving devices amid rising electricity costs.

Image : High-pressure Blowers (70DCF series)

High-pressure Blowers (70DCF series)

DC Brushless High-Pressure Blower Series

The cumulative sales have exceeded 20,000 units since their launch in 2008. Since the blowers employ DC brushless motors as the driving source, they are (1) high-efficient, (2) compact and lightweight and (3) high-power compared to high-pressure blowers with an AC motor. Their energy-saving properties including a speed control function and low heat generation (1/10th that of competitors, which allows for a significant reduction of cooling cost) have reduced electricity costs by up to about 60% in comparison with AC motor models with the same output (a record of a user who reassessed its basic electricity charge by cutting back on its overall electricity consumption).


Printing machines, washing machines, dust catchers, packaging machines, food machines, semiconductor equipment, automatic devices, testing devices, plant air, etc.

Outline Drawing

Main Body

Image : Outline Drawing (Main Body)


Image : Outline Drawing (Driver)

Product Lineup

Image : Product Lineup


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