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July 30, 2015 Press Release Minebea's Plan Unofficially Selected by MOEJ as Financing Programme for JCM Model Project
July 15, 2015 Press Release Minebea to Start Mass Production and Sales of New LED Lighting (Smart Adjustable Light for IoT (SALIOT))
June 10, 2015 Press Release Minebea Group to Exhibit at the 2015 Paris Air Show
Apr.3, 2015 Press Release Minebea to Exhibit at Auto Shanghai 2015
Apr.1, 2015 Company We redesigned our website on April 1st, 2015
Jan.21, 2015 Press Release Launch of the Industry's Highest Class "2000W Compact, High-Power, High-Pressure Blowers (70DCF series)"
Oct.30, 2014 Press Release "Wavy Nozzle" – a Newly-Introduced "Programmable Coolant System" for Small Machine Tools ! Removes Machining Dust and Chips Efficiently through Swing Jetting of Coolants !
Sept.16, 2014 Company Minebea Group to Participate in 2014 China International Bearing Industry Exhibition
May 29, 2014 Press Release Minebea to Participate in China Auto Parts & Service Show 2014
Feb.26, 2014 Products Start to provide miniature & small sized ball bearings' CAD data
Feb.3, 2014 Press Release Notice on Joint Venture Establishment with Iwasaki Electric Co., Ltd. and Koizumi Lighting Technology Corp. for the Development of Lighting Equipment
Dec.9, 2013 Products World's smallest ball bearing to be displayed at "THE SEKAI-ICHI" Special Exhibition held in the "Miraikan"
June 21, 2013 Products Introduction of Fan Motor New Numbering System for standard models
May 23, 2013 Products COOL LEAF keyboard appeared on NHK TV Program
Mar.19, 2013 Press Release Minebea Developed the Industry's Highest Class "2000W Compact, High-Power, High-Pressure Blowers (70DCF series)"
Nov.21, 2012 Press Release Minebea Has Begun Delivering High-performance VR Resolver Developed for Nissan LEAF Drive Motor
Oct.30, 2012 Press Release Launching of 42 mm Square Hybrid Type Stepping Motors
Sept.3, 2012 Press Release Launching of 25 mm square Linear Actuator - Type Hybrid Stepping Motors
June 26, 2012 Press Release Hybrid-Type Stepping Motors : Expansion in Line-Up of Small-Diameter and Composite-Type Models
Apr.24, 2012 Press Release Minebea Launches CSD-892-73, the Industry's Smallest Digital Conversion Module - Offering High Precision, High Speed, High Resolution, Low Power Consumption, and Low Price -

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