May 10, 2016


Minebea Co., Ltd.

Minebea and OSRAM GmbH of Germany Agree to Sales Cooperation for New LED Lighting Equipment SALIOT in Europe

Minebea Co., Ltd. ("Minebea") and OSRAM GmbH ("OSRAM"), the leading lighting equipment manufacturer in Germany, have agreed to sales cooperation for new LED lighting equipment SALIOT (Smart Adjustable Light for the Internet Of Things) in Europe.

Minebea has developed and is making efforts to expand sales for SALIOT, a new LED lighting equipment that applies light guiding panel technology and resin mold technology developed for LED backlights and makes it possible for the first time in the industry* to adjust the light distribution angle automatically. Through original software development applying wireless technology, SALIOT makes it easy to control light distribution angle, brightness, and vertical and horizontal motion through a Smartphone or tablet. Now, with the cooperation of OSRAM, a leading company in the lighting industry, as a sales partner, it is possible to sell SALIOT to all lighting users in Europe through OSRAM's solid sales network.

Comment from Minebea Co., Ltd. Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer, Yoshihisa Kainuma:
"I am very happy that OSRAM, one of the leading lighting equipment makers of the world, has recognized SALIOT, which Minebea has developed using original technology, and has agreed to provide sales cooperation. With the increase in opportunities to offer SALIOT to all lighting users in Europe, we intend to make even greater efforts toward strengthening our lighting equipment lineup and establishing mass production."

This cooperation is scheduled to begin by end of CY 2016.

* Based on Minebea's research as of July 2015

Profile of Minebea

(1) Name Minebea Co., Ltd.
(2) Location of headquarters 4106-73, Oaza Miyota, Miyota-machi, Kitasaku-gun, Nagano
(3) Name of representative Yoshihisa Kainuma,
Representative Director,
President and Chief Executive Officer
(4) Outline of business Bearings and other machined components business
Electronic devices and components business such as small-size motors
(5) Capital 68,258 million yen (as of the end of March 2016)
(6) Established July 1951
(7) Fiscal year end March 31
(8) Major shareholders and shareholding ratios The Master Trust Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Trust Account): 6.25%
Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd. (Trust Account): 4.94%
Takahashi Industrial and Economic Research Foundation: 4.09%
(as of the end of March 2016)
(9) Net assets (consolidated) 237,973 million yen (as of the end of March 2016)
(10) Total assets (consolidated) 459,427 million yen (as of the end of March 2016)
(11) Sales (consolidated) 609,814 million yen (Fiscal Year ended in March 31, 2016)
(12) Number of employees Non-consolidated: 3,464 (as of the end of March 2016)
Consolidated: 62,480 (as of the end of March 2016)

Profile of OSRAM Licht AG, parent company of OSRAM GmbH

(1) Name OSRAM Licht AG
(2) Location Marcel-Breuer-Strasse 6, 80807 Munich, Germany
(3) Name of representative Dr. Olaf Berlien, CEO
Dr. Klaus Patzak, CFO
(4) Outline of business LED Technology, Lamps, Electronics and Luminaries
(5) Capital €104.7 million
(6) Established 1919
(7) Fiscal year end September 30
(8) Major shareholders and shareholding ratios Siemens Beteiligungen Inland GmbH: 17%
(9) Net assets (consolidated) €2.5 billion
(10) Total assets (consolidated) €4.8 billion
(11) Sales (consolidated) €5.6 billion
(12) Number of employees 33,000
(13) Relationship with Minebea No relationship at the level of capital or personnel

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Media inquiries: Minebea Co., Ltd. Corporate Communications Office
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