Feb.28, 2017


MinebeaMitsumi is awarded the Cambodian Environment Minister's Prize for its High-efficiency LED Streetlight Implementation Project using Wireless Networks

MinebeaMitsumi Inc. (hereinafter, "MinebeaMitsumi") has been awarded the Environment Minister's Prize by Cambodia's Ministry of the Environment.

MinebeaMitsumi's high-efficiency LED streetlight implementation project using wireless networks in Cambodia was selected for adoption on June 30, 2015, as the first project to be conducted in Cambodia under the Ministry of the Environment of Japan's ("MOEJ") "Fiscal 2015 to 2017 Project Facility Assistance project using a Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) to aid leapfrog development by subsidizing funds required for projects to reduce CO2 emissions." In enhancing efficiency by switching to LED lighting with wireless dimming control, the project has realized a reduction of approx. 70% of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions amount when compared with conventional High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting providing the same level of brightness (comparison based on own product).* The Cambodian Environment Minister's Prize was awarded to MinebeaMitsumi in recognition of its contribution to reduced electric power use and increased efficiency, as well as its contribution to the environment.

In developing the high-efficiency LED streetlights, MinebeaMitsumi combined the wireless networking of its 100% subsidiary, Paradox Engineering SA, with the streetlights of Iwasaki Electric Co. Ltd., with which it has a capital and business alliance. MinebeaMitsumi is endeavoring to construct a system capable of bulk monitoring of various urban lifestyle functions such as parking sensors, electricity meters, surveillance cameras, etc., by combining these high-efficiency LED streetlights and cloud networking provided by NTT Communications Corporation.

In combining these functions, MinebeaMitsumi is undertaking the challenge of developing evolved devices which are not just lights but are lighting equipment with various added values such as energy-saving, improved safety, and improved convenience of city life, etc.

MinebeaMitsumi will continue to forge ahead with developing in Cambodia the most advanced showcase smart city in the world, as well as concentrating the Group's latest technology to contribute to environmental measures and reduce electricity use in Cambodia.

* Electricity consumption per streetlight: By switching from existing HID165W to high-efficiency LED 78W streetlights, realized a reduction of 53% and a reduction due to wireless dimming control.
(As of Oct. 2016, actual measured values for 260 installed wireless high-efficiency LED streetlights showed a one-month reduction in electricity consumption of 3214W compared to conventional product's 10372W, equivalent to a reduction of 70%).

image : Left: H.E. Bin Chhin, Deputy Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia / Right: Hiroyuki Akatsu, Executive Officer, MinebeaMitsumi Inc.

Left: H.E. Bin Chhin, Deputy Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Cambodia
Right: Hiroyuki Akatsu, Executive Officer, MinebeaMitsumi Inc.

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