CLEAN-Boost® is a unique energy harvesting technology of ABLIC to generate, accumulate, boost, and transform the electric power derived from subtle moisture- and electricity-producing bacteria (microbes found in soil), vibration, and body heat—which previously could not be tapped as sources of electricity—and convert it into electricity for radio transmission.



Battery-less and wireless sensor, that is People and Environment friendly

No batteries are required because it uses environmental energy. In addition, since it is a wireless sensor, wiring is not needed that makes the instalation much easier. Maintenance work can also be reduced. Furthermore, since battery replacement is not required, battery waste is not generated. So that it is people friendly as well as environmental friendty technology.

Infinite possibilities for the realization of IoT innovation

This technology allows us to develop IoT by co-creating with varieties of fields such as infrastructure, agriculture, and healthcare, etc. It has infinite potential and will contribute SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals) by creating new environmental business.

The world's first wireless water leakage detector that does not use batteries

Battery-less Water Leak Sensor is a product powered by CLEAN-Boost® technology. The device captures and stores moisture from water leakage and uses it to generate electric power to transmit signals to alert users of water leakage.

* Battery-less Water Leak Sensor is not available for sale outside of Japan at this moment.

Battery-less Water Leak Sensor

Battery-less Water Leak Sensor

Image of a "Battery-less Water Leak Sensor" Installed

Image of a "Battery-less Water Leak Sensor" Installed

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Commenced Operation in 2019

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