Automotive ICs

Many ICs are installed in various parts of automobiles such as engines, meters, car navigation systems, and cameras. As safety is highly important for automotive applications, higher quality and reliability are required. ABLIC will provide products that solve the issues in the evolving mobility society, such as HEVs, EVs, and other environmentally friendly vehicles and CASE (Connected, Autonomous driving, Share/Service, and Electrification).


Automotive Ics

No. 1 market share in Japan with ultra-small, low current consumption, and high accuracy technologies*

We develop ultra-small and low current comsumption of product lines for automotive use with high accuracy technologies, Our EEPROMs for automotive use has top market share in Japan*.
* Based on our research

High Quality and High Reliability for AEC-Q100 compliant

We use AEC-Q100 standards defined by the Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) to verify the quality and reliability of its automotive ICs. Products that comply with production part approval process (PPAP) standards are also available. Our customers can be fully confident that our products will deliver high quality and reliability for their automotive applications.

IATF16949 certified

We have obtained IATF16949 certification, a quality management system standard for the automotive industry. Our automotive ICs are developed based on the IATF16949 standard.

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Main User Auto Parts maker
Commenced Operation in 2003


Car navigation system
Automotive components
Automotive (Door Lock, Mirror Actuator)

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