Timer IC

ABLIC's timer ICs uses the clock function of a CMOS IC for quartz watches to measure time and control system operation and switch between normal and standby operations.
Using a timer IC, you can reduce the current consumption of a device and make effective use of this power.


figure : Timer IC

Real-Time Clock (RTC)

Real-time clock is a clock function used by systems that measure time even when the main device (such as MCU) is powered off. ABLIC's real-time clock achieves longer battery life by ultra-low current consumption.
ABLIC also proposes various time management solutions including high accuracy clock correction function, constant 32kHz output, expansion alarm, 24 bit up counter and ultra-small package.

Wake-up Timer IC

A wake-up timer IC is an IC that enables intermittent system operation* by periodically waking up the system. These capabilities support the development of IoT communication devices, monitoring devices, security devices and a wide variety of other battery-operated systems or energy harvesting systems that require low power consumption.

Interval Timer IC

An interval timer IC is a timer IC that enables intermittent system operation* by inputting a signal to the system at fixed periods of time.
ABLIC's interval timer IC consumes little power and allows flexible interval time settings.

* As a system of operation control, it refers to a method of control whereby normal and standby operations are regularly repeated.

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Main User Wearable device manufacturers , Housing related equipment manufacturers
Commenced Operation in 1990


Measuring equipment
Multifunction Printers
Security Cameras

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