ABLIC has a wide range of non-volatile memory EEPROMs that do not erase the records in the equipment even when the power of the electronic equipment is turned off. It supports various applications such as home appliances, personal computers, automotive devices, and cloud system data centers, etc.



Ultra-small, highly reliable, and high-quality

We have developed a series of ultra-small, highly reliable, and high-quality memory products.

A wide range of product lineups with various interfaces*

Our Memory ICs offer a wide range of product lineups with various interfaces* and memory capacities.

* SPI, I2C, and Microwire interfaces. The lineup also includes DIMM and SPD memory.

No.1 share in Japanese automotive market*

Our automotive serial EEPROMs offer a wide range of product lineups, easy mounting package and are suitable for every automotive applications. So, we have No.1 share in Japanese automotive market.*
* Based on our research

Product Data

Item Contents
Main User Industrial machine manufacturers , Personal computer and peripherals manufacturers , Household appliances manufacturers , AV equipment manufacturers , Office automation equipment manufacturers , Wearable device manufacturers , Housing related equipment manufacturers , Information Technology, Telecommunication, Data center
Commenced Operation in 1986


Audio components
Personal Computers (Desk top type/Note book type)
Video cameras
Air conditioners
Servers, Disc Arrays,
Data Centers

Multifunction Printers
Home electrical appliance

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