Rotary Components

Photo:Fan motors

Fan motors rotate fans to cool the inside of PCs and other office automation (OA) equipment by directing heat outside.


These motors have more high power to cool than normal type of fan motor.

Photo:Hybrid type stepping motors

These motors rotate at fixed angles by digitally controlled electronic pulses and are used in the paper-feeding devices of printers, copy machines, facsimiles and similar equipment.

Photo:PM stepping motors

PM stepping motor uses a permanent magnet (PM) as a rotor.

Photo:Small diameter / High speed PM stepping motors

PM Stepping motors which are very small, outer diameter under 10mm.
We also line up high speed PM stepping motors witch use silicon steel metal.

Photo:Brush DC motors

These motors are mainly used for driving digital AV equipment and PC peripherals, and for automotive electronic components.

Photo:Small brushless motors

These motors are used in driving and electrical components for digital AV equipment and PC peripheral devices.

Photo:Power brushless motors

These motors are used in mechanical driving for photoconductive drums, paper feeds, and toners in copiers and other OA equipment.

Photo:Brushless inner rotor motors

These motors have inner rotor structure, and they are used for OA equipment, ATMs and home appliances.

Photo:Polygon mirror scanner motors

These motors are used in laser writing in digital copiers and other such devices.
Polygon mirror rotated at high speed to scan laser beam radiated from LD (laser diode) into photoreceptor.

Photo:HDD Spindle motors

Hard Disk Drive (HDD) spindle motors are what cause the disks in HDDs to rotate.

Photo:High-pressure blowers

High-pressure Blower developed for industrial machines such as printing machines, to blow and or inhale printing papers by highly efficient airflow.

Photo:Rotation angle sensors

Resolvers with rotation angle sensors are manufactured.

Photo:Fan units

MinebeaMitsumi integrates all aspects of thermal management expertise with capabilities in fan motor, power management and controller design.

Photo:FDB Motor

BLDC (Brush Less DC) motor and cutting edge FDB (Fluid Dynamic Bearing) technology.

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