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Aug.26, 2022 Press Release For MinebeaMitsumi's High-Precision Positioning GNSS Antenna, received "Global Innovation Award" at "Nissan Global Supplier Award 2022" for the first time
July 12, 2022 Green Products ABLIC Launches the 4-/5-Serial Cell S-82B4/B5 Series and S-82C4/C5 Series of Battery Protection ICs
June 28, 2022 Green Products ABLIC Launches the S-82R1 and S-82S1 Series of 1-cell Battery Protection ICs with Battery Voltage Monitoring Pin
June 27, 2022 Green Products The Light That Can Create Different Scenes Spotlight of Beautiful Light SALIOT Moving Spot Light On Sale from June 27, 2022 only in Japan
May 31, 2022 Green Products ABLIC Launches the S-82A2A/B and S-82B2A/B Series of 2-Serial Cell Battery Protection ICs, the World's First with High-Accuracy Overcurrent Detection
Feb.22, 2022 Green Products ABLIC Launches the S-19255 Series, the Industry's Smallest High PSRR Automotive LDO Linear Regulators
Jan.20, 2022 Green Products Wireless Movable Type Smallest and Lightest Compact Spot Light of Beautiful Light SALIOT S3 Series is on Sale from February 2022
Dec.14, 2021 Press Release Ushio and MinebeaMitsumi Jointly Develop Filtered Far UV-C Viral Inactivation and Disinfection Module
Nov.16, 2021 Green Products ABLIC launches the S-191ExxxxS Series of Automotive High-withstand Voltage Window Battery Monitoring ICs
Oct.12, 2021 Press Release Japan Weather Association and MinebeaMitsumi Launch New Initiative to Improve the Prediction Accuracy of Weather Information by Utilizing Smart Lighting Data
Sept.17, 2021 Press Release MinebeaMitsumi's Smart LED Lighting 'SALIOT' to Be First Used by Yamada Shadowless Lamp for Medical Lightning Equipment
July 2, 2021 Press Release MinebeaMitsumi Launches Durable Semiconductor Digital Temperature and Humidity Sensor "MW3827"
June 9, 2021 Green Products Announcement of MinebeaMitsumi Green Products Logo
Apr.6, 2021 Products MinebeaMitsumi Begins Producing and Selling Its Own Nonwoven Fabric Masks in Thailand
Mar.16, 2021 Press Release MinebeaMitsumi's First Smart Lighting Device for Home Use "SALIOT pico" Now Available in the MinebeaMitsumi Online Shop & at a Revised Price
Feb.10, 2021 Products MinebeaMitsumi Group, C&A Tool Engineering (USA), Began Producing and Selling Nonwoven Fabric Masks
Feb.4, 2021 Press Release MinebeaMitsumi Launches Its First Smart Lighting Equipment for Home Use! "Art Gallery Lighting" at Home with "SALIOT pico" * Revised price on March 16,2021
Jan.21, 2021 Products MinebeaMitsumi Announces Battery-Protection IC "MQC860" for Maximum Quick Charging Performance
Nov.2, 2020 Company MinebeaMitsumi to Exhibit at China International Import Expo (CIIE 2020) in Shanghai, China
Oct.29, 2020 Press Release Japan Weather Association and MinebeaMitsumi Aim to Improve Prediction Accuracy of Weather Information by Utilizing Smart Lighting Data

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