Nov.8, 2022


ABLIC Launches the S-82L1/T1/U1/V1 Series, the Industry's First (*1)
1-cell Battery Protection ICs with an Alarm Function

The Use of an Alarm Function Ensures Safe and Efficient Fast Charging without the Need for an AD Converter

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ABLIC (President: Nobumasa Ishiai, head office: Minato-ku, Tokyo hereinafter "ABLIC"), a group company of MinebeaMitsumi Inc. today launched the S-82L1/T1/U1/V1 Series, the industry's first (*1) 1-cell battery protection ICs with an alarm function.
The new S-82L1/T1/U1/V1 Series launched today can accurately detect when the battery voltage reaches the alarm detection voltage to enable safe and simple fast charging without an AD converter. Specifically, the new series includes the following features:
(1) High accuracy battery voltage detection of ±12mV that enables the output of an alarm signal to ensure accurate battery voltage detection even during fast charging without being affected by voltage drops in the on-resistance of current detection resistors or charge and discharge control FETs. (A feature common to all series.), (2) The industry's top class overcharge detection voltage accuracy of ±12mV (A feature common to all series)., (3) The industry's top class charge-discharge overcurrent detection voltage accuracy of ±0.75mV suppressing overcurrent detection variations while lowering current detection resistance (S-82V1 Series) .
These features make it possible to accurately detect the battery voltage even during fast charging ensuring safe and efficient fast charging as well as high accuracy overcharge detection, both of which significantly contribute to greater product safety. The addition of this series to the "S-82Y1B Series" and "S-82S1/R1 Series," enables us to provide a full lineup of products to meet our customers' needs for fast charging.
ABLIC will continue leveraging our technology and knowhow to develop lithium-ion battery protection ICs with even greater accuracy and higher performance to roll out products for applications in a wide variety of fields.

(*1) Based on our research as of November 2022

Examples of 1-cell protection circuits using the S-82L1 and the S-82T1/U1/V1 series

Examples of 1-cell protection circuits using the S-82L1 and the S-82T1/U1/V1 series

Major Features

  1. The alarm function ensures safe and efficient fast charging! (A feature common to all series.)
  2. An overcharge detection voltage accuracy of ±12mV places these ICs in the industry's high-accuracy top class! (A feature common to all series.)
  3. Industry's top class high accuracy overcurrent detection voltage of ±0.75mV! (S-82V1 Series)

Application Examples

Lithium-ion rechargeable battery packs, lithium polymer rechargeable battery packs

Examples of products using these ICs

Smartphones, tablet PCs, smartwatches, etc.

image : Smartphones, tablet PCs, smartwatches, etc.

S-82L1/T1/U1/V1 Series Product Details


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