Semiconductors (ABLIC Products)

Photo:Sensors / Amplifiers

Our product lineup includes various types of highly sensitive Hall effect ICs and temperature sensors, with such features as low current consumption and operation, high-speed operation, and high temperature operation.
Our sensors and amplifiers, including faint signal detection ICs (which detect faint signals from a variety of electric generating devices and sensor devices), and CMOS operational amplifiers and comparators with low voltage and low current consumption, meet expectations in a wide variety of fields.

Photo:Timer IC

ABLIC's timer ICs uses the clock function of a CMOS IC for quartz watches to measure time and control system operation and switch between normal and standby operations.
Using a timer IC, you can reduce the current consumption of a device and make effective use of this power.

Photo:ICs for Healthcare

ABLIC's Medical ICs are adopted for analog front-end transceiver circuits* in medical ultrasound system. Unique high-voltage process technology and analog circuit technique achieve market-leading performance in 200V 20MHz pulse transmitters.

*A role is to adjust the analog signal detected from the sensor etc.

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