Semiconductors (ABLIC Products)

Photo:Power Management ICs

Power Management ICs are ICs that appropriately control, supply, and monitor the voltage required for electronic devices to operate. They support the safe and stable operation and function of various devices around us, such as home appliances, personal computers, and wearable devices.


ABLIC has a wide range of non-volatile memory EEPROMs that do not erase the records in the equipment even when the power of the electronic equipment is turned off. It supports various applications such as home appliances, personal computers, automotive devices, and cloud system data centers, etc.

Photo:Sensors / Amplifiers

Our product lineup includes various types of hall effect ICs and temperature sensors, with such features as highly sensitive, low current consumption operation and high temperature operation.
These sensors and CMOS operational amplifiers and comparators with low voltage and low current consumption, are expected to apply for a wide variety of fields.

Photo:Timer IC

ABLIC's timer ICs uses the clock function of a CMOS IC for quartz watches to measure time and control system operation and switch between normal and standby operations.
Using a timer IC, you can reduce the current consumption of a device and make effective use of this power.

Photo:Automotive ICs

Many ICs are installed in various parts of automobiles such as engines, meters, car navigation systems, and cameras. As safety is highly important for automotive applications, higher quality and reliability are required. ABLIC will provide products that solve the issues in the evolving mobility society, such as HEVs, EVs, and other environmentally friendly vehicles and CASE (Connected, Autonomous driving, Share/Service, and Electrification).

Photo:Healthcare ICs

ABLIC's Medical ICs are adopted for analog front-end transceiver circuits* in medical ultrasound system. Unique high-voltage process technology and analog circuit technique achieve market-leading performance in 200V 20MHz pulse transmitters.

*A role is to adjust the analog signal detected from the sensor etc.


CLEAN-Boost® is a unique energy harvesting technology of ABLIC to generate, accumulate, boost, and transform the electric power derived from subtle moisture- and electricity-producing bacteria (microbes found in soil), vibration, and body heat—which previously could not be tapped as sources of electricity—and convert it into electricity for radio transmission.

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