Roller bearings (Related to aircraft flight control)


Roller bearings are self-aligning bearings with roller held by retainer between inner race and outer race. They can take the form of single or double row bearings. The main characteristic of this product is the low starting torque when compared to ordinary spherical and rod end bearings. The technology lends itself to critical aircraft applications such as flight control.


Certified by Main Aircraft Manufacturers

Aerospace applications demand bearings that deliver exceptional durability, providing a consistently superior performance despite changes in temperature and air pressure. Accordingly, the aerospace industry imposes stringent standards. In addition to meeting MIL specifications (U.S. military standards for design and performance commonly applied to commercial aircraft), MinebeaMitsumi has obtained certification from major commercial aircraft manufacturers. MinebeaMitsumi is one of only two bearing suppliers to have achieved this certification worldwide.

Integrated domestic production

Sales offices locate near by the main customers, therefore the customer's needs are informed to factories in Japan promptly. Due to integrated development/design in the Japan factory, efficient correspondence is possible.

Product Data

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Main User Aerospace manufacturers
Commenced Operation in 1993


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