Bushings are used in a variety of mechanical moving parts on both rotary and fixed wing aircraft. They are used in helicopters, primarily in the main rotor axes, and in landing gear for fixed wing aircraft. Bushings apply originally-developed Teflon liner to the inside of the bore and edge faces to allow for rotation without the need for lubricating agents.


Certified by Main Aircraft Manufacturers

Aircraft applications demand bearings that deliver exceptional durability, ensuring consistently superior performance despite changes in temperature and air pressure. Accordingly the aerospace industry imposes stringent standards. We have obtained MIL standard certification from main commercial aircraft manufacturers in Japan, U.S. and Europe.

Production in The World's Three Aerospace Markets

We have production and R&D centers in Japan, U.S. and Europe, rendering us well-positioned to respond to our customer needs globally.

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Main User Aerospace manufacturers
Commenced Operation in 1968


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