Photo:Miniature & small sized ball bearings

Essential to high-precision rotary components, ball bearings determine rotational accuracy.

Photo:Rod end & spherical bearings

Used in aircraft components, such as wing flaps, engine and wing mounts and hatches, rod-end and spherical bearings function as joints. These bearings are also used extensively in helicopters, trains and automobiles.

Photo:Roller bearings (Related to aircraft flight control)

Roller bearings, are used in applications covering wing mounts, flight control systems and hatches.

Photo:Roller bearings (Related to aircraft engine)

Roller bearings, which feature a roller housed between the inner and outer rings.


A bushing is used in a broad range of aircraft applications where flexibility is required parts of aircraft. Adhesive Teflon liner is used inside bore so as to avoid the need for lubricating agents.

Photo:Precision machined parts for aircraft

These products comprise an assembled combination of bearings and machined parts. They are manufactured in various configurations and from various materials to be used at the joint segments of aircraft.

Photo:Medium - and large-sized ball bearings for aerospace use

These bearings are used in aircraft applications, and use balls and materials that ensure high durability.


Miniature & small ball bearings Product catalog

This is a digital catalog that allows you to quickly search the entire catalog for Miniature & small ball bearings models, technical explanations, and handling methods, as well as input sticky notes and memos.
You can also view information on products used in extreme environments, the design and manufacture of precision machined parts, and unitization with bearings.

Miniature / Small-diameter Rolling Ball Bearings

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