Room Lamps

Room Lamps

We offer the Overhead Console which is a module of front seat room lamp and various functions, and the Rear Room Lamp. For LED light, U-Shin and MinebeaMitsumi are jointly working on further optimization of the lens shape.


Aesthetic and high grade interior lights

The lens designed by our optical technique controls lighting range, brightness, etc. while having attractive design. By combining with LED of high color rendering properties, we offer lighting of high grade that can show the natural color of human skin and interior decorations.

Overhead console with SOS switch

The overhead console is equipped with various operation switches.
In particular, the SOS switch that activates the emergency call system must be activated reliably in an emergency. By selecting the optimum structure and material based on the needs, the switch is designed especially reliable.

Prodouct Photo : Overhead console

Overhead console

Prodouct Photo : Rear room lamp

Rear room lamp

Product Data

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Main User Automobile manufacturers
Commenced Operation in 2018


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