U-Shin produces Switches ranging from control switches operated by the user, to detection switches intended to observe state changes of in-car devices. We flexibly respond to customer requirements by offering various options such as night lights or indicators, pushing or rotating operations as well as painting or plating decorations.


Abundant variations

Switches are installed in various positions such as inside the vehicle, outside the vehicle, and in the engine room. We provide switches with high reliability by understanding each usage environment, vehicle side circuits, market usage, etc. and selecting the optimum structures and materials.

High quality and high added value

We flexibly respond to various decoration needs, such as painting, plating, and vapor deposition, as well as lighting needs such as night lighting and indicators.
In addition, the engine start switch has a built-in coil antenna for communication with the key FOB in an emergency. (Patented for mounting structure)

Prodouct Photo : Engine Start Switch

Engine Start Switch

Prodouct Photo : Steering Switches

Steering Switches

Prodouct Photo : Rear Gate Opener Switch

Rear Gate Opener Switch

Prodouct Photo : Back Lamp Switch

Back Lamp Switch

Product Data

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  • U-Shin Ltd. Tokyo Headquarters (Japan)
  • U-Shin Ltd. Hiroshima Plant (Japan)
Main User Automobile manufacturers
Commenced Operation in 1978


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