Door Handles

Door Handles

Door Handles are products to open a door. Advanced injection molding technology and specialized surface coating processes enable U-Shin to offer aesthetically appealing Door Handles. Optional features including welcome light, touch sensors, and LF antenna in addition to a system that prevents door opening due to impact in the event of a collision (inertial lock mechanisms) are available for Outside Door Handles.


Outside Door Handle (Flush type)

Prodouct Photo : Outside Door Handle The handle grip is located in the same face as the door panel (flush face) at normal times, and it pops out till a position where it can be grasped and pulled by a user when a user intends to operate it. It can pop out both manually and automatically. It is equipped with actuator that has driving force to allow handle grip to pop out even when its surrounding gaps get frozen at cold times.

Inside Door Handle

Prodouct Photo : Inside Door Handle This is a handle to open the door from inside the car. Depending on the vehicle grade, the handle is decorated with plating or painting.

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