Automotive Components

Photo:Power Rear Gate System

The Power Rear Gate System enables opening and closing of the rear gate electrically. U-Shin is one of the few suppliers who can offer all, from the elemental units ("Drive Unit" "Power Rear Gate Latch", and "ECU to control the whole system") up to the whole system.


The Latches keep vehicle door, hood, or rear gate closed, and release the locks when a handle is operated. Flexible designing approach backed up by the robust downsizing, weight / in-crush stiffness optimization, and noise reduction initiatives helps U-Shin to offer Latches that cater to different customer functional requirements.

Photo:Door Handles

Door Handles are products to open a door. Advanced injection molding technology and specialized surface coating processes enable U-Shin to offer aesthetically appealing Door Handles. Optional features including welcome light, touch sensors, and LF antenna in addition to a system that prevents door opening due to impact in the event of a collision (inertial lock mechanisms) are available for Outside Door Handles.

Photo:Lock Sets / Electrical Steering Column Locks

Lock Sets are mechanical vehicle theft prevention systems using keys widely-used since the past times. It is a set of "Mechanical Steering Column Lock" which locks/unlocks rotaion of steering handle by use of key, "Door Cylinder", and "Key".
Electrical Steering Column Lock is a device to electrically lock/unlock steering handle.
Steering Column Lock is superior in vehicle theft prevention and passenger safety, and is light in weight. Especially Electrical Steering Column Lock is superior in its silent operation and optimized operation speed.
Production sites are globally being developed and we will immediately respond to requests from customers.


U-Shin produces Switches ranging from control switches operated by the user, to detection switches intended to observe state changes of in-car devices. We flexibly respond to customer requirements by offering various options such as night lights or indicators, pushing or rotating operations as well as painting or plating decorations.

Photo:Climate Control Panels

They are control panels to display and manage in-cabin temperature. U-Shin designs and manufactures "Automatic Climate Control Panels" with built-in controller to keep in-cabin temperature automatically, and "Manual Climate Control Panels". We offer those types depending on the vehicle grade.

Photo:Room Lamps

We offer the Overhead Console which is a module of front seat room lamp and various functions, and the Rear Room Lamp. For LED light, U-Shin and MinebeaMitsumi are jointly working on further optimization of the lens shape.

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