Torque transducers


The sensors for torque measurement in various driving parts like the engine and the transmission, etc. This sensor measures the twist with a strain gage, and transmits the output signal by using a transformer, or by using an optical sensor.


Original design and development

MinebeaMitsumi's torque sensor is manufactured for global market by original design and development, and it can provide the high quality measurement even in the high rotation by combined with the special indicator or transmitter.

Adopted the strain gages made in-house

By adopting strain gages manufactured in-house that excel in prolonged stable performance, MinebeaMitsumi maintains a stable supply of high-quality, highly-reliable torque transducers.

Product Data

Item Contents
  • MinebeaMitsumi Inc. Sensing Device BU (Japan)
Main User Automobile manufacturers , Measuring manufacturers
Commenced Operation in 1974


Automotive components
Torque inspection machine

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