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MinebeaMitsumi manufactures load cells that use strain gage to convert tension, compression or mass into electric signals. Load cells, connected to various measuring devices for measuring purposes, display, record, control and keep track of the loads.
Applications are diverse varying from small sensors for use in electronic scales, bath scales, game consoles and home electronics to those for general industrial uses, such as truck scales, measuring systems in production lines and tank scales.


Original design and development

For applications ranging from low-capacity small scales to high-capacity general industrial equipment, MinebeaMitsumi develops and markets needs-matched load cells on its own.

Adopted the strain gages made in-house

By using strain gages manufactured in-house that excel in prolonged stable performance, MinebeaMitsumi maintains a stable supply of high-quality, highly-reliable load cells.

Product Data

Item Contents
  • MinebeaMitsumi Inc. Sensing Device BU (Japan)
Main User Automobile manufacturers , Machine tool manufacturers , Plant/Engineering maker , Construction equipment manufacturers
Commenced Operation in 1974


construction machinery
Weight scales
Automotive components
Machine tools
Portable amusements
Medical Equipment
Nursing/Assistance machine
Home electrical appliance

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