Force sensors


Used in bath scales, various other types of scales, game consoles, home appliances, load sensors, etc., these sensors are sensors for mass production that use strain gages.


Adopted high-quality strain gages made in-house

By applying its original design development technology, MinebeaMitsumi is prepared to respond to the sizes, types and specifications that are required for diversified applications.

Product Data

Item Contents
  • MinebeaMitsumi Inc. Sensing Device BU (Japan)
  • NMB-Minebea Thai Ltd.  Lop Buri Plant (Thailand)
  • Minebea Electronics & Hi-Tech Components (Shanghai) Ltd. Xicen Plant (China)
Main User Measuring manufacturers , Household appliances manufacturers , Game devices manufacturers , Automobile manufacturers
Commenced Operation in 1974


Weight scales
Automotive components
Portable amusements

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