Lineup of the lamps for the Indstrial Machinery. LED type work lamp, Projector lamp HIGH-LOW integrated Projector lamp, Multi-reflector head lamp, Stop・Tale・Turn signal lamp integrated combination lamp and others. We satisfy each customer's need by providing products that comply with the feature and use of Indstrial Machinary.


LED Work Lamp (Oval)

image : LED Work Lamp (Oval) Energy-saving type while ensuring brightness.Diffusion type with lens cut.Brightness equivalent to 55W halogen bulb.

LED Lamp (Round)

image : LED Lamp (Round) Compact design (φ70) work lamp. Interchangeable with existing valve Type Lamp. Low Energy Consumption.

LED Lamp (Decorative Light)

image : LED Lamp (Decorative Light) Sharp design. Lamp for Left and Right are independent.

Projector Lamp

image : Projector Lamp General Purpose Projector Lamp.

Head Lamp

image : Head Lamp Left lamp and Right lamp are independent. LOW-HIGH Switchable. Light Axis is manulally adjustable.

Rear Combination Lamp

image : Rear Combination Lamp Lamp with reflector to improve weather durability.

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Main User Agricultural machinery manufacturers , Construction machinery manufacturers


For Industrial Machinery

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