Variety of meters. Color liquid crystal for Indstrial Machinery, LED monitor, monochromatic liquid crystal. We also have the one with CAN communication feature. We satisfy each customer's need by providing products that comply with the feature and use of Indstrial Machinary.


Color LCD Meter

image : Color LCD Meter Receive vehicle condition/ status via CAN communication and display them on the color LCD monitor.

LCD Monitor

image : LCD Monitor Full Dot screen which can display various information acquired via CAN and operator can set various setting using integrated switches.

Monochrome LCD Meter

image : Monochrome LCD Meter Monochrome LCD Meter Display both Meter and Information Many Derivative Model.


image : Meter Small LCD meter that can freely combine functions such as hour meter, fuel gauge, and water temperature gauge.

Product Data

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Main User Agricultural machinery manufacturers , Construction machinery manufacturers


For Industrial Machinery

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