Lithium-Ion Battery Protection ICs & Related ICs

Lithium-Ion Battery Protection ICs & Related ICs

Lithium-Ion Battery Protection ICs are essential to safe for use of Li-Ion batteries. MinebeaMitsumi offer a diverse lineup from Single-cell to Multi-cell.
The Fuel Gauge ICs can use the battery safely and effectively due to the high accuracy of fuel gauge prediction and the degradation detection function.
Protection ICs are manufactured in-house and under high quality control.


Protection IC for Single-cell

In-house production of major products
Our Single-cell Protection ICs are used in Smartphones, Tablets, Smartwatches, Digital still cameras, and other devices to provide safety in battery-powered applications. We have the world's leading volume share in Single-cell protection ICs.

Protection IC for Multi-cell

In-house production of major products
Our Multi-cell protection ICs are used in applications that use multiple batteries, such as Digital video cameras, Personal computers and Power tools, and provide for the safe use of the application.

Fuel Gauge IC

Established original high-precision algorithm
Our Fuel gauge ICs are used in Smartphones, Tablets, and Smartwatches for battery level indication and lifetime management. This Fuel Gauge ICs has its own algorithm and is highly competitive in accurately knowing the remaining battery power and degradation.

Product Data

Item Contents
Main User PC peripheral equipment manufacturers , Personal computer and peripherals manufacturers , Household appliances manufacturers , AV equipment manufacturers , Game devices manufacturers , Wearable device manufacturers , Mobile phone manufacturers
Commenced Operation in 1995


Mobile phones (smartphones)
Personal Computers (Desk top type/Note book type)
Mobile game machines
Office automation equipment
Portable amusements
Power tool
Digital Camera(DSC)
Portable Audio Player

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