HD-PLC Modules

HD-PLC Modules

Adapter and embedded module for HD-PLC communication that enable high-speed data transmission using power lines or dedicated lines.
The network can be built using existing wired equipment.


High  transmission rate is possible

By high transmission rate, video transmission is also possible such as surveillance cameras.

Realize multi-hop method

A multi-hop method of transmitting via multiple terminals is also available. Multi-hop HD-PLC enables a long-distance, wide-area network than before.

Possible to build a network in a place where wireless communication is not possible

HD-PLC can build a network using existing electrical wires in places surrounded by concrete, metal, water, etc. where wireless communication cannot be used, without laying a new LAN cable.

Correspondence at Large Facility

Correspondence at Large Facility

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Main User Industrial machine manufacturers , Personal computer and peripherals manufacturers , Household appliances manufacturers


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