Antennas are products for transmitting and receiving radio waves. We have various shape antenna lineups of media such as analog/digital radio, GNSS, Cellular, Digital TV, etc. It can be install various locations of the automobile. We provide detailed product proposals and stable product supply to meet the needs of our customers.


System Evaluation

Taking advantage of our long-standing track record of developing and producing various wireless communication receivers (tuners), we can comprehensively evaluate from receiving antennas to tuners. We have a large anechoic chamber that can accept your confidential vehicles, and can be evaluated quickly and reproduciblely in combination with simulation.

In-house Parts

We have achieved competitive price creation and stable product supply by in-house production of resin molded parts, sheet metal parts, and FAKRA connectors. In addition, we can paint the antenna exterior cover according to the body color of the automobile.

Sirius XM radio

We have been collaborating with SiriusXM, the largest satellite radio telecommunications company in North America, since the days of their predecessors, so we have a lot of know-how. MinebeaMitsumi is the only supplier in the world that can supply SiriusXM genuine antennas and SiriusXM radio tuners at the same time. (As of November 2021)

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Main User Industrial machine manufacturers , Amusement related equipment manufacturers , Household appliances manufacturers , Automobile manufacturers , Information and Telecommunications manufacturers , Auto Parts maker , Construction equipment manufacturers
Commenced Operation in 1993


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Audio components
Car navigation system
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Door Lock
Automotive components
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