WirelessLAN+Bluetooth® Modules

WirelessLAN+Bluetooth Modules

DWM Series
Wireless LAN + Bluetooth®

We have Bluetooth® only module and Wireless LAN + Bluetooth® module.
These module use for head unit and TCU of the Automotive and enable wireless communication with smartphones.


High density design.

Both Bluetooth® module and Wireless LAN + Bluetooth® module fit 10mm x 10mm ultra-small size by high density design.

Compatible design

Both Bluetooth® module and Wireless LAN + Bluetooth® module are compatible shape. It can make easily replace according to the appreciation and function.

Power saving design

Wireless LAN + Bluetooth® can be independently controlled Wireless LAN part and/or Bluetooth® part. It can contribute to power saving.

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Main User Automobile manufacturers , Auto Parts maker , Industrial equipment manufacturer


Car navigation system
Car Audio
Automotive components
Communication Equipment
Factory Automation Equipment

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