Financial Highlights

Latest Update : Oct.5, 2018

* MinebeaMitsumi has adopted International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) from the 1Q of FY3/2019. In addition, financial results for the previous fiscal year are also represented under the IFRS. Please note that the results of the 4Q for FY3/2018 are unaudited.

Financial Highlights

  FY3/2015FY3/2016FY3/2017 *1FY3/2018FY3/2018
Net sales millions of yen 500,676609,814638,926879,139881,413
Operating income millions of yen 60,10151,43849,01579,16268,902
Operating margin % 12.0%8.4%7.7%9.0%7.8%
Profit before income taxes millions of yen 51,77346,96348,47371,23066,855
Profit before income taxes margin % 10.3%7.7%7.6%8.1%7.6%
Profit for the period attributable to owners of the parent millions of yen 39,88736,38641,14659,38250,326
Profit for the period attributable to owners of the parent margin % 8.0%6.0%6.4%6.8%5.7%
graph : Net sales
graph : Operating income
graph : Profit before income taxes
graph : Profit for the period attributable to owners of the parent

Per Share

  FY3/2015FY3/2016FY3/2017 *1FY3/2018FY3/2018
Earnings per share, basic (EPS) yen 106.7397.26107.33141.14119.61
Earnings per share, diluted yen 101.3292.35105.64137.80117.02
Cash dividends per share yen 12.0020.0014.0026.0026.00
Book-value per share (BPS) yen 604.83616.43759.15872.66849.15
Total weighted average number of shares outstanding *2 shares 373,727,342374,106,139383,378,305420,747,526420,747,526
Number of shares outstanding at the end of each period *2 shares 373,885,780374,392,602423,322,011419,348,311419,348,311
graph : Earnings per share, basic (EPS)
graph : Cash dividends per share
graph : Book-value per share (BPS)

Performance Indicators

  FY3/2015FY3/2016FY3/2017 *1FY3/2018FY3/2018
ROE (Return on equity)% 20.8%15.9%14.9%17.3%14.8%
ROA (Profit before income taxes to total assets ratio)% 9.2%7.7%7.5%8.8%9.9%
EBITDA *3millions of yen 88,87686,22577,179110,75899,393
EBITDA margin% 17.8%14.1%12.1%12.6%11.3%
Interest-bearing debtmillions of yen 138,461137,109164,010157,414156,471
Net interest-bearing debtsmillions of yen 93,13497,51570,88552,52051,505
Net D/E ratioX
Equity ratio% 46.1%50.2%50.0%51.7%50.6%
Cash flows from operating activitiesmillions of yen 59,86443,58283,12596,60692,201
Cash flows from investing activitiesmillions of yen -35,326-44,642-46,800-59,453-54,853
Cash flows from financing activitiesmillions of yen -19,627-4,200-17,339-27,026-27,026
Free cash flowsmillions of yen 24,538-1,06036,32537,15337,348
graph : ROE (Return on equity)
graph : ROA (Profit before income taxes to total assets ratio)
graph : EBITDA
graph : Interest-bearing debt
graph : Net D/E ratio
graph : Equity ratio
graph : cash flows

Expenditures etc

  FY3/2015FY3/2016FY3/2017 *1FY3/2018FY3/2018
Depreciation and amortizationmillions of yen 28,77534,78728,16431,59630,491
Capital expendituresmillions of yen 37,55743,87831,84754,17150,789
R&D expensesmillions of yen 8,9729,68012,34724,38124,381
Ratio of R&D expenses to revenue% 1.8%1.6%1.9%2.8%2.8%
graph : Depreciation and amortization
graph : R&D expenses
  • *1 MITSUMI ELECTRIC CO., LTD. has been included in the scope of consolidation since January 27, 2017.
  • *2 Number of outstanding shares : Total number of shares issued -Treasury stock
  • *3 EBITDA : Operating income + Depreciation and amortization

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