Financial Highlights

Latest Update : Oct.25, 2022

* MinebeaMitsumi has adopted International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) from the 1Q of FY3/2019.

Financial Highlights

  FY3/2018FY3/2019FY3/2020 *1FY3/2021FY3/2022
Net sales millions of yen 881,413884,723978,445988,4241,124,140
Operating income millions of yen 68,90272,03358,64751,16692,136
Operating margin % 7.8%8.1%6.0%5.2%8.2%
Profit before income taxes millions of yen 66,85571,32158,08949,52790,788
Profit before income taxes margin % 7.6%8.1%5.9%5.0%8.1%
Profit for the period attributable to owners of the parent millions of yen 50,32660,14245,97538,75968,935
Profit for the period attributable to owners of the parent margin % 5.7%6.8%4.7%3.9%6.1%
graph : Net sales
graph : Operating income
graph : Profit before income taxes
graph : Profit for the period attributable to owners of the parent

Per Share

  FY3/2018FY3/2019FY3/2020 *1FY3/2021FY3/2022
Earnings per share, basic (EPS) yen 119.61143.90111.1194.95170.08
Earnings per share, diluted yen 117.02140.75108.6892.87166.61
Cash dividends per share *2 yen 26.0028.0028.0036.0036.00
Book-value per share (BPS) yen 849.15962.83965.641,109.381,326.15
Total weighted average number of shares outstanding *3 shares 420,747,526417,943,833413,788,647408,220,767405,317,126
Number of shares outstanding at the end of each period *3 shares 419,348,311415,131,573408,404,478406,662,303406,146,407
graph : Earnings per share, basic (EPS)
graph : Cash dividends per share
graph : Book-value per share (BPS)

Performance Indicators

  FY3/2018FY3/2019FY3/2020 *1FY3/2021FY3/2022
ROE (Profit to equity attributable to owners of the parent ratio)% 14.8%15.9%11.6%9.2%13.9%
ROA (Profit before income taxes to total assets ratio)% 9.9%9.9%7.2%5.4%8.7%
EBITDA *4millions of yen 99,393108,431104,89299,794137,367
EBITDA margin *4% 11.3%12.3%10.7%10.1%12.2%
Interest-bearing debt *5millions of yen 156,471162,042221,712268,621270,711
Net interest-bearing debts *5millions of yen 51,50521,67375,17584,36886,931
Net D/E ratio *5X
Equity ratio% 50.6%53.9%45.6%46.2%48.8%
Cash flows from operating activitiesmillions of yen 92,201100,72286,48693,76378,417
Cash flows from investing activitiesmillions of yen -54,853-54,190-43,540-70,581-63,605
Cash flows from financing activitiesmillions of yen -27,026-13,334-28,7589,257-25,547
Free cash flowsmillions of yen 37,34846,53242,94623,18214,812
graph : ROA (Profit before income taxes to total assets ratio)
graph : ROE (Profit to equity attributable to owners of the parent ratio)
graph : EBITDA
graph : Interest-bearing debt
graph : Net D/E ratio
graph : Equity ratio
graph : cash flows

Expenditures etc

  FY3/2018FY3/2019FY3/2020 *1FY3/2021FY3/2022
Depreciation and amortization *6millions of yen 30,49136,39846,24548,62845,231
Capital expenditures *7millions of yen 50,78954,19950,14445,52273,504
R&D expensesmillions of yen 24,38125,45328,88632,15437,065
Ratio of R&D expenses to revenue% 2.8%2.9%3.0%3.3%3.3%
graph : Depreciation and amortization
graph : R&D expenses
  • *1 U-Shin Ltd. has been included in the scope of consolidation since April 10, 2019. In 1Q of FY3/2020, U-Shin business does not include April 1-9.
  • *2 Detail of year-end dividend as of March 31, 2021: Ordinary Dividend 14.00 yen Commemorative Dividend 8.00 yen.
  • *3 Number of outstanding shares : Total number of shares issued -Treasury stock
  • *4 EBITDA : Operating income + Depreciation and amortization
  • *5 Net interest-bearing debts = "Bonds and borrowings" - ("Cash and cash equivalents" + Time deposit more than 3 months)
  • *6 From FY 3/2009, due to change in lease accounting, this includes depreciation on finance lease assets as well as tangible and intangible fixed assets.
  • *7 From FY 3/2009, due to change in lease accounting, this includes new finance lease and intangible fixed asset investments as well as tangible fixed asset investments.
    Capital expenditures do not include the increase of asset from lease contracts at the IFRS16 application start date.

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