Resonant Devices

Resonant Devices

Resonant devices are tactile feedback devices that have rich tactile expression capabilities and realize a new user experience.
These vibration devices, which do not rotate, are also called linear resonant actuators (LRA).


Synergy via business integration

Mitsumi Electric's technological capabilities and MinebeaMitsumi's manufacturing capabilities have been consolidated and integrated.
Through the synergy of our accumulated technologies and expertise, we will respond to customers' own unique ideas from the conceptual stage to the production stage.
Together with customers, we have produced resonant devices that create a wide variety of feelings and tactile expressions.

Advanced simulation technology

Using our advanced simulation technology based on "magnetic field analysis x structural analysis", we can optimize design in a short period of time for a wide variety of customer requirements such as operating conditions and shapes.
We will also propose devices capable of expressing various vibrations in response to requests based on our achievement and experience in mechanical design and circuit design.

Product Data

Item Contents
Main User Household appliances manufacturers , Game devices manufacturers , Wearable device manufacturers , Computer manufacturers , Automobile manufacturers , Information and Telecommunications manufacturers , Amusement machine manufacturers
Commenced Operation in 2018


Mobile phones (smartphones)
Mobile game machines
Car navigation system
Automotive components
Slot Machines
Portable amusements
Home electrical appliance

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