Lighting devices for LCDs


MinebeaMitsumi's lighting devices for fine color liquid-crystal displays (LCDs) for cellular telephones and personal digital assistants (PDAs) can be classified into front light and back light types, according to types of LCDs.Both types of products comprise white light-emitting diode (LED) chips and transparent plastic panel made from micron-order prisms, boasting outstanding brightness and performance.


Exclusive Design and Advanced Injection-Molding Technologies

These exclusive products, which capitalized on MinebeaMitsumi's plastic-injection molding technologies, improve the brightness and lower power consumption and more compact than conventional model.

Product Data

Item Contents
Main User PC peripheral equipment manufacturers , Information and Telecommunications manufacturers
Commenced Operation in 1999


Mobile telephones
PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)
Mobile game machines
Car navigation system
Digital Camera(DSC)
Portable Audio Player
Portable Navigation Device(PND)

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