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Fidget Spinner "Real Spin Ms'" Jointly Developed with MinebeaMitsumi and Mitsubishi Precision Achieved a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ title for the Longest duration spinning a fidget spinner on one finger

Using a fidget spinner "Real Spin Ms'" jointly developed by MinebeaMitsumi Inc. (hereinafter MinebeaMitsumi) and Mitsubishi Precision Co., Ltd. (hereinafter Mitsubishi Precision), Takayuki Ishikawa, from MinebeaMitsumi, General Manager of Corporate Communications Office, has achieved a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the Longest duration spinning a fidget spinner on one finger.
(Longest duration spinning a fidget spinner on one finger, Accreditation date: 11 December, 2017, Accredited duration: 24 minutes 46.34 seconds)

MinebeaMitsumi was established in 1951 as a manufacturer of miniature ball bearings. Combining ultra-precision machining technologies and mass production, the company has the world highest share in miniature/small-diameter ball bearings of 22mm or less.
Mitsubishi Precision is a pioneer of space equipment manufacturer having over 50 years of history with development of aerospace equipment. The company has creative and original business from satellite positioning control / development and manufacturing of rocket-mounted equipment to electronic device for aircraft, various simulators and parking systems.

In making "Real Spin Ms'", MinebeaMitsumi was responsible for bearings, wheel rings and holder nuts and Mitsubishi Precision took in charge of design, assembly and testing. With the collaboration of ultra precision and space quality (micro and macro), we realized ultimate spinning duration.

Comments upon the accreditation are as follows:

Yoshihisa Kainuma Representative Director, Chairman, CEO & COO MinebeaMitsumi Inc.
"Following the world's Smallest ball bearing in 2015 and the world's Smallest fidget spinner, this is the third GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS achievement thanks to great support from Mitsubishi Precision for creating a fidget spinner with overwhelming spinning and I am truly delighted. We will continue making efforts to thoroughly refine the "Difference" that is the source of our competitiveness and strive to create new value."

Hiroshi Shimomura President and CEO Mitsubishi Precision Co., Ltd.
"I am delighted and it is a great honor for achieving the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS title for the world's Longest duration spinning a fidget spinner co-created with MinebeaMitsumi. We would like to further develop this achievement and improve corporate value as well as push forward the phase transition to a competitive business and strive on creating new market value. Please look forward to Creation & Confidence for the future of Mitsubishi Precision."

The product is scheduled to be on sale again for limited numbers on February 1 via the mail order websiteOpen in a new windowof JAPAN HANDSPINNER CLUB and they are currently accepting reservations.
View the video here linkOpen in a new window  See the Leaflet here link
(We do not guarantee rotation time as spinning duration differs by individual products due to initial speed of rotation etc.)

image : From left, Mr. Shimomura, President and CEO, Mitsubishi Precision / Ms. Ogawa, Vice President of Guinness World Records Japan / Mr. Ishikawa, General Manager of Corporate Communication Office, MinebeaMitsumi / Mr. Kainuma, President, CEO & COO, MinebeaMitsumi

(From left, Mr. Shimomura, President and CEO, Mitsubishi Precision / Ms. Ogawa, Vice President of Guinness World Records Japan / Mr. Ishikawa, General Manager of Corporate Communication Office, MinebeaMitsumi / Mr. Kainuma, President, CEO & COO, MinebeaMitsumi)

* GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ is a registered trademark of Guinness World Records Ltd.

Real Spin Ms’
Rallying the full power of ultra precision machining!
Our spinner bearings are specially designed in consideration of the longer spinning durations of spinners and utilize ceramic balls with low contact friction
Our spinner wheels/rings are made using the rod end bearing manufacturing technology designed for aircraft.
These are also made using the strongest aluminum alloy materials from among the A7000 series to ensure the thinnest and lightest design
The holders/nuts achieve the highest level of surface finish cutting by applying technologies acquired through producing medical and precision equipment
imgae : MinebeaMitsumi ball bearings.
Real Spin Ms’rogo
Hold space quality design and assembly in your hand!
To ensure they continue smoothly spinning on and on, our spinner designs are invested with the know-how acquired through space equipment design and manufacture, including angular momentum maximization and bearing torque loss reduction
Our spinners are assembled utilizing process technologies, such as precision fitting technology to assemble the parts at high precision and precision cleaning to draw out the characteristics of the bearings
Our spinners are assembled and tested in the clean rooms used to produce space equipment(*1)
*1 Clean rooms are ISO Class 5 (Class 100).
An extremely clean environment in which there are fewer than 100 particles larger than 0.5 microns in size per 1 cubic foot
image: Clean room

Real Spin Ms'

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MinebeaMitsumi Inc. rogo
MinebeaMitsumi Inc.
(Bearing and machining of components)
*NMB is a registered trademark of MinebeaMitsumi's ball bearings.
Mitsubishi Precision Co., Ltd.
(Design, assembly and testing of spinner)
Mitsubishi Precision Co., Ltd. rogo

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