Pivot assemblies


Pivot assemblies are fitted into the base of actuators to position HDD magnetic heads. This product combine ball bearings between shaft and sleeve.


Internal Sourcing of All Parts

All parts - ball bearings, shaft and sleeves - are manufactured in-house, giving MinebeaMitsumi an unmatched advantage in terms of quality, supply capabilities, cost-competitiveness and speed of delivery. Bang Pa-in plant in Thailand for global markets employ the MinebeaMitsumi's vertically integrated manufacturing system, where by all processes, from the production of parts to final assembly are done in-house.

Ultra-precision Machining Technology

This product capitalizes on MinebeaMitsumi's ultra-precision machining technologies cultivated by production of ball bearings. And these technologies are at work in fluid dynamic bearings - essentially the same structure as that of pivot assemblies.

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Parts of Pivot
Parts of fluid
dynamic bearings

Product Data

Item Contents
Main User HDD Manufacturers
Commenced Operation in 1985


Personal Computers (Desk top type/Note book type)

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