The demands placed on switches built into various devices are changing with the times. Starting with high precision, downsizing and thinning. And now in the age of many varieties, the shape and performance suitable for each on-board device are important. Our switches are state-of-the-art electronic components that meet the needs of the times with the performance for the "future".


Small and thin products with advanced precision processing technology

Tactile Switch

Target applications: SmartPhones, Tablets, Automotive equipment
We offer Compact and thin type push switches with excellent click feel for small electronic devices.
Wide variety of tactile switches are available, including dustproof and waterproof types.

Slide Switch

Target applications: Portable electric devices
Slide switches are mainly used for mechanical switching of electrical equipment.
There are many variations in the number of switching positions, knob directions, and switching functions.

Switch Sheet

Target applications: SmartPhones, Small deigital devices
Switch sheets with click springs mounted on adhesive sheets, which can be directly attached to PWB to realize thin tactile feel switches.
We can design diameter and layout of click springs, sheet sizes, layer structures, characteristics, etc., to meet customer necessities.

Product Data

Item Contents
Main User Personal computer and peripherals manufacturers , Household appliances manufacturers , AV equipment manufacturers , Game devices manufacturers , Information and Telecommunications manufacturers , Mobile phone manufacturers


Audio components
Mobile phones (smartphones)
PDA (Personal Digital Assistant)
Personal computers (Note book type)
Car navigation system
Portable amusements
Portable Audio Player
Home electrical appliance

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