Coils, one of our passive components, are developed and manufactured in-house through our technologies accumulated over many years of high-frequency, with particular emphasis on commercialization suitable for the needs of automotive equipment applications.


The demands placed on switches built into various devices are changing with the times. Starting with high precision, downsizing and thinning. And now in the age of many varieties, the shape and performance suitable for each on-board device are important. Our switches are state-of-the-art electronic components that meet the needs of the times with the performance for the "future".


AI technology and IoT have been widely applied to a variety of applications, and the transmission speed between devices is rapidly increasing. In the automotive market, the communication speed for driver assistance system and autonomous driving are further increasing. In the consumer market, there is a high demand for high-speed transmission and quick chargers with small size and narrow pitch. Minebeamitsumi offers high-speed transmission technology as the core tool to meet the market demands.

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